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Medus/honey • FAQ

  1. Which product (type & brand) is the most available & selling Lithuanian honey in the Lithuanian market?
  2. In Lithuania, really is not any international brand for honey. Our association members altogether can supply up to 200 T honey per Year. Most popular and most quantity are taking rape honey (rape), pavasarinis (spring polyfloral) vasarinis mišrus miško (forest multifloral with linden, rasberry and others plants), adittional we can to gather some heather honey, caraway, . Many honey we have originated from buckwheat (grikių)
  3. What is the share (%) ratio of Domestic consumption Versus Export out of total production? (Volume)
  4. Total honey production in Lithuania 4000-6000 ton annually. Domestic consumption and demand are approximately 1500 Ton. Other honey (around 2000-3000 T) are exported to other EU countries, mostly in Germany, France.
  5. Which product is been exported the most? Which countries are the major importer? How much would be the rough market price (FOB) in general,, (price/kg)
  6. Honey - Rape honey. Others bee products - bee bread (conserved bee pollen). Honey major importer Germany, Estonia, France. Bee bread - Romania, Russia, Japan. Honey price depend from year crop and global world price. 2022 price: Rape honey 3,70 eur/kg, forest summer 3,70 – 4,00 eur /kg, Buckwheat pure 3,60 eur /kg, buckwheat mixture 2,8 – 2,9 eur/kg, linden honey 4,00 eur/kg, heather honey (calluna vulgaris) 9,0 eur/kg
  7. Any specific company or brands you can introduce to us? Is it possible for us to get the samples of their produce?
  8. Yes, we can to supply all mentioned honey samples and beebread by international courier. We are beekeepers asocciation with cooperation as small and average size compannies, if need, will be created. Our price and quality are among most competitive in EU country of Lithuania, because we are not reseller but proffessional beekeepers. Our purpose are to find selling directly without any Lithuanian inter-space company.